Dr. Boykin sees patients at his Austin, Texas orthopaedic practice by appointment only. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Boykin, please call 512.454.4561.


Our office is located at:

Medical Park Orthopaedic Clinic

1301 West 38th Street

Medical Park Tower, Suite 102

Austin, Texas 78705-1010

Office Phone: 512.454.4561

Office Fax: 512.467.2906

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday: 8am – 5pm

We are closed Saturday, Sunday and on holidays

Preparing For Your First Appointment

Dr. Boykin graciously accepts new patients and looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your injury and/or orthopedic condition. During your first visit, a thorough analysis will be provided and Dr. Boykin will take the necessary time needed to discuss the injury in detail so that a treatment plan can be established.

Depending on the presenting symptoms and condition, he will most likely order a set of X-rays to provide more information. In certain cases advanced imaging such as a CT scan, MRI, or Ultrasound may be needed. He will use a combination of your history, physical exam, and imaging to make a diagnosis. If you have visited a physician prior to your appointment with Dr. Boykin, please obtain all of your old orthopedic records (including office visits, imaging reports, and operative reports if applicable) and bring this information with you. It is also essential to bring the actual images (either printed or on a CD) from any previous studies including X-ray, CT scan, MRI, or Ultrasound. This will allow Dr. Boykin to perform an independent interpretation and also determine if any further imaging is needed. You can obtain these by calling your doctor’s office and/or imaging facility to request a copy of your studies.

Dr. Boykin strives to make every patient experience comfortable and efficient. It is recommended that first-time patients download the appropriate forms from this website, complete them, and bring them with you for your first appointment. Upon arrival you will be asked to present your identification as well as your insurance card or other health coverage information.