Hip Arthroscopy Surgeon

Are you an athlete who participates in contact sports? If so, you may be at risk of developing a hip injury. Hip arthroscopy in an important surgical technique designed to treat an extensive array of hip injuries in a minimally invasive way with limited soft tissue damage. Hip arthroscopy surgeon, Dr. Robert Boykin performs hip arthroscopy for patients in Asheville who have sustained a hip injury that requires surgery. Contact Dr. Boykin’s team today!

Hip Arthroscopy Overview

Dr. Robert Boykin has extensive training in arthroscopic surgery of the hip, and offers this technique for a variety of hip conditions and injuries for patients in Asheville, Arden, Fletcher and surrounding communities.  Historically, hip surgery involved larger, more invasive incisions to treat pathology of the hip. Arthroscopic surgery has advanced making it possible for surgical repairs of the hip to be completed via a minimally invasive approach that improves overall recovery, and has shown to have good patient outcomes.

During arthroscopic hip surgery, Dr. Boykin uses a small incision to insert a camera and surgical tools to examine the damaged joint and/or injury. The image from the camera is then projected onto a monitor showing the surgical team exactly where the injury is and what needs to be done in order to repair and correct the problem.

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What is Hip Arthroscopy Used To Treat?

Dr. Boykin uses arthroscopic hip surgery to correct a number of acute and degenerative conditions of the hip, including:

Following arthroscopic hip surgery, it is important to follow the rehabilitation regimen that is set forth by Dr. Boykin and by the physical therapist. Recovery following surgery is a team effort involving the patient, therapist, and surgeon. The results of the surgery are most effective when the post-operative rehabilitation program is completed fully.

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