Hip injuries are quite debilitating and can make it difficult for a patient to peform their daily activities and walk without pain. In athletes specifically, recent advances have led to a better understanding of what causes these injuries and how we can best treat them to help patients maintain an active lifestyle. Overuse in activities that require the hip muscles to perform powerful rotation and twisting movements in addition to underlying abnormalities in the ball or socket of the hip may predispose patients to injury. Hip pain can also occur in non-athletes. Most often, this occurs in an older population and is the result of osteoarthritis from degenerative changes within the hip joint. Once Dr. Boykin has completed a full hip examination, he will discuss the exact injury, as well as the appropriate course of treatment. Arthroscopic surgery may not be helpful to all patients, especially those with hip pain referred from a spine injury or those with advanced arthritis.  Dr. Boykin is skilled to treat a number of hip conditions, and when surgery is recommended, his entire team will work together in order to offer the best care and surgical approach to treat and manage your injury for optimal, long-term success.