Hip Treatments

Hip Treatments2018-09-05T09:55:46-05:00

Dr. Boykin is a skilled hip specialist offering arthroscopic hip surgery as an effective form of treatment for a number of hip conditions and injuries.  His focus is on arthroscopic hip procedures such as labral repairs, microfracture, chondroplasty, treatment of femeroacetabular impingement and other hip conditions. After a thorough physical examination, Dr. Boykin will determine what the next appropriate step to take, he will then discuss which treatment or procedure will offer the most optimal outcome. Because the age, activity level, long-term goals, and severity of the condition will vary from patient to patient, Dr. Boykin will discuss all treatment options and will first try and number of techniques to improve the condition without an operation. If surgery is needed, a detailed physical therapy program will be prescribed to help patients acheive their goal of a full recovery.


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